the band

After a 15-year break the European smooth jazz band Dancing Fantasy returns with a new album.

The popular German producers and composers Chris W. Williams and Curtis McLaw worked for more than 12 months in their studios on new material and thus wrote a new chapter in the synth-duos history. All based on their unique sound: smooth pads, irresistibly chilly grooves and hip-hop beats with mild synth-generated atmospheres, creating a warm, seductive yet hypnotic soundtrack for the many moods of day and night – surrounded by small, catchy melodies from guitar, trumpet and sax.

Dancing Fantasy started their career at German electronic label IC Digit in 1990, had an overnight success with the debut album „Midnight Blvd.“, that entered Billboards NAC Top 10, songs like „Cry Nature“ and „Voodoo Jammin´“ brought heavy rotation air-play on all important US jazz and new-age radio stations.

Their music was heard by pure chance by Innovative Communication's president Mark Sakautzky, when he was working in a different office of the building on a video project next to Dancing Fantasy's „Studio 1": „They were practicing so loudly next door - you couldn't overhear them. And they were good, really good - so I walked in and offered them a deal right there!"

After the first album's commercial success, the duo continued the studio project with their next release, „California Grooves“ in 1991. This album garnered an even bigger success than their debut - spawning songs like „Good Morning America“ and „Malibu“.

The Band toured the States several times in a six-members line-up - often the audience was surprised to see European musicians behind this funky, jazzy sound. 

More albums followed, later also on the major label Higher Octave. With the upcoming album the band now not only celebrates their 25th birthday but also the 10th album.

Through worldwide releases more and more supporters from all over the world joined the Dancing Fantasy journey and built a set of faithful fans.
So says guitarist and keyboarder Chris W. Williams: „We still get mails from Japan, Russia, Scandinavia, Europe, USA and Canada - that was really a big motivation to work on new material. What a thrill to wake up our vintage synthesizers like Moog, Rhodes, DX7 or D-50 and mix it with new, contemporary virtual sound machines.“

It´s not easy to categorize Dancing Fantasys musical style. What in the early 90s was called „New Age“ - influenced by German acts like „Tangerine Dream“ and „Kraftwerk“ - could today also be defined as „Lounge Music“. Actually the band always tried to create its own timeless musical soundscapes.

The breakdown of the CD market brought with it some new chances and opportunities, so Chris and Curtis release the new album on their own label and now enjoy the artistic freedom to design the whole process of an album from composing, mixing, mastering plus artwork and videos on their own. They are excited to continue the mission, directly and pure.

As Curtis states: „Our music is not electronically complex, pretentious or complicated. Our basic concept is different - beautiful music which is relaxing, which grooves and which above all is full of life, enthusiasm and the joy of living. Straight from the heart.“